Towers – Book One of the World Between Series

Synopsis: A long night of getting shot at, the boss gets the girl, and sleeping off the drugs at a seedy crash house is just another day on the job for Heath.

Fancying himself as a wooden nickel fallen between the cracks of a corporate society, he prefers a life without the complications of routine jobs, needy girlfriends, and certainly not a price on his head. But when you’re a punk from the streets with an addiction to adrenaline and designer drugs, things rarely go your way.

Waking up from a drug-induced coma, Heath finds himself running from dark, mythical creatures that have somehow implanted themselves into the already corrupt heirarchy of districts run by mega-conglomerates. A career of ruining the lives of others leaves him with few places to turn for help within society – pushing him outside the boundaries of civilization and into the dark world of back-alley surgeons, vicious killers, and sadistic pleasure palaces.

With one foot already in a shallow grave, Heath has nowhere to go but down as he attempts to dig himself out of the trap he’s set for himself and those set by others in a hopeless effort to survive and discover the truth of what goes on within the towers of high society.

Towers is a fast-paced cyberpunk thriller that leaves readers laughing, cringing, and anxiously flipping to see what happens next.


Impulse: Book Two of the World Between Series

A new drug on the street promises to fulfill the user’s deepest desires without any effort. It takes over the body and leaves the mind to sit back and enjoy the ride. A secret organization with hands in all twelve districts wants it investigated, and they have just the martyr in mind.

Still shaking the dust off of the assault on the Mengko District six months prior, corporate saboteur Heath Fallows has his plate full dealing with a new boss, old skeletons, and tenacious goons chasing a mark on his head. Adding a steaming bowl of blackmail with evidence of a paid assassination and the livelihood of a former lover won’t make things easier, but gives him a deeper look into the dark needs of humanity and the evils outside civilization.

Impulse is a grit-your-teeth and laugh-out-loud joyride of action and espionage.


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