My name is Matthew Bryant and have been writing for over 10 years now.  Finished a few novels, burned all but one and roasted vienna sausages over the flames… then fed the sausages to starving neighborhood cats (who were the only animals who’d eat the damn things)  The cats created a cult of sorts around my persona and erected a giant monolith in my honor.

That is until city ordinances forced it to be torn down for its phallic representation… I guess I shouldn’t have put a pair of shaggy hedges around it.  But before it could be removed, it was seen from space.  Aliens don’t really exist, but a pair of angels came down in a starship, chopped off my hands and replaced them with feet.  Now I type all toes, but it’s helped me to decipher forgotten fairy tales.  Apparently there were 1007 Nights.

Inspired by the dark forces that brought a creeping madness in those old tomes, I write science-fiction thrillers, horror, urban fairy tales, and utter nonsense (See above)

Need to contact me?  I can be reached at MattBryantDFW at gmail dot com.


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