Narrator Search and Talky Stuff

Of all the people I’ve ever spoken to, I’ve yet to meet a single one who hears a recording of their own voice and exclaims, “That’s what I sound like?  Damn I have a sexy voice!  I should be on Broadway!”  I’m sure they exist out there somewhere in the mystical Land of Perpetual Awesome, but for now, stay away from me.  I secretly despise you. (Whoops!  Cat’s outta the bag!)

I had a unique opportunity last weekend to sit down with fellow author and good friend of mine, Scot C Morgan, and have an interview on his new podcast show, Be An Author Now.  We’d discussed a few options of how to go about recording it, but I’m more of a face to face kinda guy.  Until I met my wife, I couldn’t stand talking on the phone to anybody for more than 2 minutes.  After a six hour conversation following our first date, I knew she was the one for me.  But that rule still only holds true for her.  (I get the shakes after about 10 minutes.)

Scot was nice enough to accommodate me and we met up at The Book Carriage and Coffee Shop for a nice cup of coffee and quiet-ish setting.  It certainly made the process much simpler, just getting to chill out and (almost) forget that everything’s being recorded for distribution across the internet.  I got to listen to it a couple of days later, scrutinized it with a magnifying glass, and sunk into a deep depression that only baby giggles could save me from.  So honestly, it was a short-lived depression.

TowersNewCoverIt did help me come to a realization.  Though I would love to narrate my own audiobooks, I just don’t have the voice I want for Heath Fallows, the main protagonist of the World Between series.  So after a lot of consideration, I’m holding open auditions via Amazon’s ACX program.  The ideal voice is a caucasion male in twenties or thirties with a strong wit and the ability to deadpan humor.  If this is you or somebody you know, I urge you to click the cover.  It’ll link you to the proper site.  Depending on the number/quality of auditions I receive, I’ll keep it up through the month of April and possibly into May.  If not, we’ll see what the future holds!  The best part of this is that it also promises a healthy relationship if everything works out.  The World Between won’t be ending anytime soon.

For more information on Scot C. Morgan, you can check out his site at or check out his podcast at where he’s actively searching for industry people and authors to interview.

Give a listen to my interview here.

Here’s a little glimpse into his most recent novel – Adamar.




Barnes and Nobles



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One Response to Narrator Search and Talky Stuff

  1. Thanks again for doing the interview. It was fun. Good luck with the audio book production.

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