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Disney Dads: You’re Doing it Wrong

The baby invasion is upon us!  I don’t know if all that summer lovin’ (had me a blast) is coming around full-circle-of-life, but there’s more crowning around here than a Disney marathon.  Don’t look at me, I’ve already got a … Continue reading

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Interview with C.S. Szarek – Author of the Tartan MP3 Player

I don’t do many interviews, it’s not that sorta site, but today I’m honored to have the lovely and talented C.S. Szarek on my blog talking about her latest piece, a highlander time-traveling novella entitled the Tartan MP3 Player.  Seriously, … Continue reading

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Literary Terms that Irritate Me

As if you cared… Being a former English teacher, I believe it is my dog-given right to bitch about literary terms.  Not because I was traumatized by some crotchety old tool with a slicked-back receding hairline, perpetually slipping eyewear, and … Continue reading

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Narrator Search and Talky Stuff

Of all the people I’ve ever spoken to, I’ve yet to meet a single one who hears a recording of their own voice and exclaims, “That’s what I sound like?  Damn I have a sexy voice!  I should be on … Continue reading

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